DevCMS is a flexible system for maintaining a MySQL-driven website. It provides a framework for integrating various types of data into a dynamic website, such as news articles, links to web resources, a repository of user-contributed projects, etc. If you have a large body of data you want to make available on the web, you may wish to check it out.

It's fully working and fairly bug free - it's the system that runs, a site with news for computer musicians. The current released version (0.9) contains the following applications out of the box:

What it doesn't have:

DevCMS is written in perl, it can run under mod_perl (recommended) or as a CGI application, and it requires access to a MySQL database. Other than the perl DBI::MySQL module, DevCMS doesn't require *any* external modules.

If you want to extend DevCMS (you probably want to) it's extremely easy, provided you have a working knowledge of perl.

Currently Working On

A system that allows users to upload SSM/PD/CSound, etc patches

Recently Added

A templating system.

Wish List

There's no telling when or if the items on this list are going to make it in, so don't get your hopes up

Where to get it

You can grab your copy of DevCMS from its sourceforge page Logo

DevCMS is available under the BSD license. It's managed by Matthijs de Jonge